Privacy Policy

Loskill Financial prioritizes its clients’ privacy as a basic and fundamental right, and has established a policy to ensure the security of the information that is shared.

We collect some nonpublic information about you as we conduct asset management services, but our policy is to keep this information confidential and disclose it only as necessary to provide you our services, or, as stipulated by law. We apply this policy to both current and former clients.

Information Gathered

We collect information from you in order to better communicate with you and answer your financial needs effectively. The following is typical of the information we gather:

• Your name and address
• Your Social Security number
• Your employment background
• Account balances and transactions
• Investment objectives and/or experience
• Financial circumstances

Some of the sources for what we gather include:

  • Your transaction information with us or others
  • What you have given us in applications or other forms

We may also gather your information from sources such as broker/dealers/custodians and other companies.

The AdRoll display advertising network is another source we use to gather information from our website. With this information, we may send you display ads on other sites. The businesses we partner with gather this analytics data from HTTP cookies and web beacons.

How will we use the information we gather

In order to maintain their businesses on a day-to-day basis, financial firms need to share the personal information of their clients. But we will disclose the information to third parties only as permitted by law. That includes any contact we have with other companies that provide services to you. The information we use about you is intended to deliver you our asset management services. State or federal regulatory agencies may ask for information about our business, and this could include your personal information about you, but we don’t sell your information to anyone.

How is the information we gather kept safe?

The confidentiality of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us, and, as such, we follow best practices that we feel are reasonably structured to protect your information. We have also set up confidentiality agreements with the companies we work with to assist you, and employ password-protected access to our files. We also demand that our employees strictly follow the confidentiality protocols we have in place.”